Updating fascia

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If "fuzz" grows between those surfaces I can identify this as pathology immediately.If there is "too much" fuzz between layers where some already belongs, it is very difficult for me to say so just looking at it in the lab.The challenge arises in that there are often a small variances in paint color from car-to-car based on production date (Tesla has made subtle changes to their production painting process).Additionally, depending on exposure, the “aging” process of paint can vary widely, causing variances in appearance and color.In the Fuzz Speech one might carry away the impression that movement or bodywork "erradicates" the fuzz.In fact movement and bodywork hydrates, and improves the distensibility of fuzz, and probably also, when this is accomplished, diminishes excessive bonding within the filmy fasciae.– The installation does not require any modification to the car and takes approximately 3 hours for a professional body shop to complete • Is the Tesla emblem included? We’ve developed a mounting surface for easy installation of your existing emblem • Do you offer the Refresh Front Fascia pre-painted?

What is not correct in The Fuzz Speech is the impression that it gives that "the fuzz" does not belong there. It is what I now refer to as "filmy fascia" in traction.

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But it does not "make it go away," because it not only belongs there, it is exactly why we are able to move at all.

Without the fuzz, our tissues would be just a frozen agglommeration.

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